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 Scottish Supernova

Real Name: Noam Dar
Ring Name: Noam Dar
DOB: 28th July, 1993
WWE Debut: 31st March, 2016
Birthplace: Tel Aviv, Israel / Ayr, Scotland.
Mini Bio: Noam Dar is an Israeli-born Scottish professional wrestler currently signed to WWE, where he performs on the 205 live brand in the cruiserweight division and in NXT UK. Dar first competed for WWE in the 2016 Cruiserweight Classic. He has also worked for Total Nonstop Action (TNA) and its British Boot Camp series, PROGRESS Wrestling, Preston City Wrestling, Insane Championship Wrestling, Dragon Gate UK, Revolution Pro Wrestling, Westside Xtreme Wrestling, Global Force Wrestling and Ring Of Honor. Dar is a former two time ICW Zero G Champion and a former PCW Cruiserweight Champion, among other championships and accomplishments. Noam is the first Israeli wrestler to perform in WWE.

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NXT UK Results – Sept. 24th, 2019.
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Via WWE.com.

The animosity between Trent Seven and Noam Dar has grown to a fever pitch as of late, so much so that when Dar brought his mind games into a match against Seven several weeks ago, The Artful Dodger snapped and got himself disqualified.

In their highly anticipated rematch, Dar emerged ready to once again get inside his adversary’s head, waving Seven’s own towel in the air and launching a vicious sneak attack on Seven before the bell. Nevertheless, the determined Seven insisted the contest go on as planned and the highly personal huge main event ensured.

Despite injuring his arm early in the bout, and his left knee soon after, Seven matched Dar’s aggressiveness and set the stage for a brutal encounter from start to finish. In the final moments, however, Dar made one last ploy to get inside the head of the Big Strong Boi and paid for it. As he was spitting about the demise of British Strong Style, Seven suddenly grabbed Dar’s fingers and proceeded to snap them. He then lifted Dar into the earth-shattering Birminghammer and seized the satisfaction victory.

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NXT UK Results – May 22nd, 2019.
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Via WWE.com.

Following a dual injury that brought a sudden halt to their contest several weeks ago, Mark Andrews and Noam Dar stepped back into the squared circle to finish what they started.

But, after making it seem as if his knee injury had returned and rendered him unable to continue, the Scottish Supernova suddenly hit Andrews from behind, before blasting him with the Nova Roller for the underhanded victory.

205 Live Results – May 8th 2019.
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Via WWE.com

Before challenging WWE Cruiserweight Champion Tony Nese at WWE Money in the Bank, Ariya Daivari looked to continue his winning ways against Noam Dar. The Scottish Supernova was making his return to action following an injury scare in a match against Mark Andrews last month on WWE NXT UK. However, before the match got underway, The Premier Athlete made his way to the ring to join the announce team.

Early in the contest, Daivari countered Noam Dar’s technical acumen with pure aggression, but The Scottish Supernova stayed on his toes and changed his approach to keeping his opponent on defence. After being dropped to the outside, Daivari exchanged words with Nese before countering an advance from Dar, driving him face-first into the table. That allowed The Persian Lion to take a more methodical approach to dismantle Dar, who was attempting to give Nese a preview of what to expect at WWE Money in the Bank.

Daivari maintained control of the contest until he once again shifted his attention to Nese outside the ring. That allowed The Scottish Supernova to feed off the energy of the WWE Universe and unleash an offensive that nearly secured victory following a perfectly executed Northern Lights Suplex. Despite missing his patented NovaRolla, Dar maintained pressure on his opponent, catching Daivari in an ankle lock on two occasions.

Daivari broke the hold, however, and levelled Dar with a superkick before following up with a Lion Splash and Hammerlock Lariat to score the victory.

After the match, Nese entered the ring and confronted Daivari, letting his challenger know he could have taken him out – much like The Persian Lion had told the champion last week.

205 Live Results – February 12th 2019.
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(Via WWE.)

The bitter rivalry between Noam Dar and Tony Nese reached a boiling point as they battled in a wild No Disqualification Match two weeks after a parking lot brawl that resulted in Nese’s indefinite suspension. After Dar pleaded with WWE 205 Live Manager Drake Maverick to make the match, Maverick agreed and it was official.

As Nese made his way to the ring, there was no ab-counting; there was just pure animosity, but The Scottish Supernova took the early advantage by attacking first. Dar wasted no time pushing the fight to the outside and using the environment to his advantage, leaping off the steel steps to knock Nese off the barricade and using the ring post as leverage to attack Nese’s limbs.

Despite Nese’s power and relentless attacks with a steel chair, the fury the Dar felt toward his opponent kept him in the battle and brought the WWE Universe to their feet in raucous anticipation of what this bitter rivalry would bring next. The Scottish Supernova satiated the WWE Universe’s desire for a table and pulled one from the ring before dropping Nese onto a pile of steel chairs. The exchange of punishment continued inside the ring with a single steel chair being used back and forth, most notably when Dar used it to add leverage to an armbar.

Battered and bruised, Nese and Dar continued to unload on each other outside the ring, with Dar applying an armbar on the apron, only to be slammed into steel steps in front of the announce table. When The Scottish Supernova reapplied the hold, Nese displayed his raw power and threw his opponent through the announce table.

Unbelievably, it was still not enough to secure victory, and after Nese missed his running knee strike, Dar applied a leg lock that left Nese desperate for relief and breaking the hold with a chair. Once again on the outside, The Premier Athlete returned the favor by drilling a steel chair into Dar’s knee. With The Scottish Supernova reeling, Nese charged forward and execute his patented running knee, driving himself and Dar through the barricade.

With Dar out, Nese mustered the energy to carry his foe back into the ring and secure the three-count for an incredible victory amidst chants of “This is awesome!” from the WWE Universe.

205 Live Results – January 9th, 2019
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Noam Dar has had his share of issues with WWE Cruiserweight Champion Buddy Murphy and Tony Nese in recent months, facing off against The Premier Athlete in a losing effort in November. Former tag team partners on a handful of occasions, Dar and Nese’s animosity has only continued to fester, putting them at odds once more on WWE 205 Live.

Nese arrived to the contest without his training partner at ringside, ready to prove beyond a doubt that he is a better athlete and competitor than The Scottish Supernova. However, as the match got underway, Nese’s attempts to showcase his power were met by Dar’s brilliant counters that kept him on the defense. The ever-confident Premier Athlete was again mocked as Dar flexed after countering an offensive strike.

Using his speed and strength, Nese enjoyed a swing of momentum into his favor, however The Scottish Supernova continued outwitting his opponent, driving him to retreat outside the ring. The strategy paid off for Nese, finding an opening to attack and stop Dar’s dominant advantage.

The two Superstars continued to battle back and forth with The Premier Athlete maintaining an edge thanks to his agility and power. With his growing frustrations after a series of near-falls, Nese, too, began to maximize pain and pressure on his opponent with his own technical ability. Finding a reprieve as Nese taunted the WWE Universe, Dar turned the tide, eventually kicking his opponent off the top rope leading to a series of strikes that nearly secured the victory.

As the battle continued, neither competitor could maintain a solid advantage, but Nese’s raw strength seemed to be too much for The Scottish Supernova. After an eye-popping powerslam, Nese dragged Dar to the corner, no doubt preparing for a potential running knee strike. However, Dar fooled Nese and rolled him up for the three-count.

via WWE.

205 Live Results – December 19th 2018.
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The 108th episode of 205 Live emanated from Fresno, California where it was another stellar episode. A main event, a street fight tag team match between Brian Kendrick and Akira Tozawa, and Drew Gulak and Jack Gallagher stole the show, too.

205 Live opened with Hideo Itami and his new friend and recently returnee Ariya Daivari, taunting the crowd and saying how they should respect him, calling Hideo a legend. Ariya continued by saying that until the WWE Universe RESPECTS Hideo Itami, this episode of 205 Live would be cancelled.

Almost instantly, comes out Drake Maverick, threatening that they won’t get opportunities, and that they only thing they’re heading for is a suspension, which is when the Scottish Supernova, Noam Dar’s music hit, persuading the 205 Live General Manager to let him face Hideo, in which Drake agreed and made the impromptu match.

The two started straight away, Hideo with his strong style, Noam with his fast technical ability. For such a short time, around 6 or 7 minutes, it was a really great match.

However, as the match came to a close, the Scottish Supernova was not successful when the Japanese legend caught Noam in the corner and hit him with a new finisher, one that wasn’t the Go To Sleep, for the win.

Ariya and Hideo stood tall over Noam after the match, showing more disrespect to the crowd before leaving.

205 Live Results – November 29, 2018.
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The latest episode of 205 Live came from Milwalkee, and saw in the first match, a first time ever match up in Noam Dar vs Mike Kanellis, with Maria Kanellis at ringside.

The match started with Mike waving to his wife then Noam being cheeky, doing the same thing and making faces at his opponent, then the two locked up. Despite the time the two had, they both put on a very good match with techinally sound wrestling being on display, spinebusters, and even fighting on the outside.

The match came to a farewell however as Mike and Noam were both in the middle of the ring, and the Lucha House Party’s music hit the arena. Mike, who has had recent issues with the stable was obviously taken by surpise and was livid at the fact that the small Luchadores just would not leave him alone. With the distraction from Kalisto, The Scottish Supernova quickly hit Kanellis with the Novarolla and got the three count on him, making this Noam’s first win since Bryan Kelly, a local talent, back in Michican in September.

The commentators also noted before the match that Noam is looking for future revenge on the Cruiserweight Champion, Buddy Murphy after his post-match assault and distractions last week in his match with Tony Nese.

205 Live Results – November 22, 2018.
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Kicking off the newest episode of 205 Live was the match of Tony Nese vs Noam Dar. Tony had WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Buddy Murphy at his side when they came down and when Noam made his entrance, a video played of him backstage saying how he was juggling both NXT UK and 205 Live, and that he had 8 reasons to Tony Nese’s face in, which was a play on Tony Nese and his 8 abs which he glorifies about.

The match started fairly evenly, both competitors getting spots and jabs in with Buddy looking on at ringside. The action finally spilled to the outside which sparked a confrontation between Noam and the Champion, allowing Nese to capitalise from the distraction. From then on, Nese was the more dominant of the two until Noam eventually gained momentum, it looked like the Scottish Supernova was about to pick up the win with the devastating Novarolla when Buddy grabbed Noam by the leg, in which Noam was distracted again and kicked Buddy in the back of the head.

That would allow Nese to capitalise again and set Noam up for the Running Nese, which earned him the win. After the match, Buddy and Nese kicked Noam out of the ring and talked smack, panning to Noam laid out on the ringside floor.

Noam Dar Set To Return To ICW at Fear and Loathing XI.
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Announced by Insane Championship Wrestling on Sunday, the Scottish Supernova will return to the Glasgow-bred promotion when he joins fellow Scots’ BT Gunn and Wolfgang to take on Tyler Bate, Trent Seven and the WWE United Kingdom Champion, Pete Dunne. Now collectively known as British Strong Style.

Although being a member of the WWE and 205 Live roster, Noam has came back to his former promotion before, at Shugs Hoose Part last year when himself and longtime friend, Sha Samuels teamed up to reform the Pinky Party against former friend, Grado and his tag team partner.

Dar, who has won championships in ICW before is no stranger to the promotion, and was a fan favourite by many and it led him to the WWE Cruiserweight Classic.

This match is the latest match added to the Fear and Loathing 11 card, as well as former Mae Young Classic competitors Kay Lee Ray and Viper clashing for the ICW Women’s Championship, in the “Queen of Insanity” match.

You can watch Fear and Loathing when it airs on ICW’s On Demand service, as well as watch past matches with the Scottish Supernova HERE.

Tickets for ICW Fear and Loathing 11 at Glasgow, Scotland’s SSE Hydro on Sunday, December 2 are on sale at ticketmaster.co.uk

NXT UK Results – October 17th 2018
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The debut episode of WWE NXT UK aired tonight on the WWE Network, with the first episode coming from the Cambridge Corn Exchange.

The main event of that episode saw the Bruiserweight, Pete Dunne face off against the Scottish Supernova, Noam Dar for the United Kingdom Championship. Noam won a Number One Contender’s spot for the championship way back at the United Kingdom Championship Tournament at the Royal Albert Hall in London when he made his unannounced return in a fatal-4-way against Flash Morgan Webster, Travis Banks and Mark Andrews.

The two competitors made their entrances after an introduction from NXT UK General Manager, Johnny Saint. They got announced NXT-style with the arena being black with a spotlight and they got ready to fight.

After a hellacious battle between the two, Pete Dunne finally hit the Bitter End and pinned Noam for the 1-2-3. After the match, the two shared a mutual respect not by shaking hands but raising their pinkies giving off the “Pinky Party” sign.

You can view the match here on the WWE Network.